Where do you start on your path to financial independence and peace of mind?

We have one aim which is to help you live the life that you want to live through making smart financial decisions.  We do this by understanding what is important to you, working on your financial goals and building a long-term relationship.  From our first meeting you are assured the highest standard of impartial advice that goes far beyond just discussing investments.

As your career is developing, a world of opportunity lies ahead.

It’s a busy time but it can also be overwhelming – put a little time aside to plan for your future.

What you do today sets the stage for tomorrow and we can provide clarity and guidance that helps you find your way through the complex financial world — including a tax efficient savings strategy, prudent investment allocation, debt management, insurance and cash flow planning.

Here are a few of the questions that our clients in mid-career typically ask us.

  •  I am saving regularly but also have a mortgage and credit cards. How do I prioritise everything?
  • We know we should have a financial plan but we can’t see the big picture.
  • We have a busy family, how can we organise and simplify our whole financial life?

Retirement is around the corner and you are making plans for life beyond work. However, there is still much to be done.

How do you ensure your retirement is all that you hope it will be?

Retirement planning is not only about understanding your pension options.  As you near retirement, together we will develop and implement a comprehensive step by step plan that helps ensure you have the money you need for the years ahead. We consider tax mitigation, pension optimisation, efficient income planning and more – everything you need to achieve financial security and independence in retirement.

Here are a few of the questions that our clients nearing retirement typically ask us.

  • I am not sure when I can retire.  Am I making the most of my retirement savings options?
  • I am concerned about my salary stopping, where is my income going to come from?
  • I am starting to picture what my retirement looks like but are my goals realistic?

You have said goodbye to the commute.  Now it is time to focus on you.

Whether it is long walks with the dog, travel or taking your hobby to the next level, how do you have a successful retirement?

How do you make sure your capital will last through all those years?  We will build a strategy that encompasses wealth management and capital preservation, tax efficiency, later life care, gifting and more.  We continually review the plan as markets, later life care plans and taxes change.

Here are a few of the questions that clients in retirement typically ask us.     

  • We know our investments need to grow but how much risk is appropriate for us?
  • We are concerned about running out of money. How do I make my financial resources last?
  • How do we factor the rising cost of later life care into our retirement plan?

We understand the rewards of owning a business.  You have independence and opportunity, but you also carry the risk.

Running a business can be all consuming – you need a little help on the personal side.

We will work with you to build an individual step by step plan for your personal wealth that helps map out a secure path forward, while you grow your business.

We will also enhance your benefits by helping you withdraw money from your business in a tax efficient way and putting together a workplace pension plan that builds and protects your personal wealth. We are there to help at every stage of your business.

Here are a few of the questions that clients running a business typically ask us.

  • Our business and personal finances are intertwined, how can we move them apart?
  • I have a pension plan but how do I know it is competitive in the marketplace?
  • The business has become our biggest asset, what impact does that have on our retirement plans?

You have been appointed as a trustee, but how do you ensure you are meeting all your obligations?

How do you ensure you are complying with the Trustee Act 2000?

The Trustee Act 2000 has wide-ranging implications for trustees, and being a trustee is not a role anyone should take lightly.

The focus of this Act was to provide a statutory basis to widening trustee investment powers to allow investments of any kind, as if the trustees were the absolute owners of the trust property.

It also created investment obligations on trustees, which include:

  • To consider the need for appropriate diversification of investments.
  • To consider the suitability of the investment for the particular trust.
  • To keep investments under review and decide whether to vary them if required.
  • To seek appropriate professional advice before exercising any power of investment or when reviewing investments.
  • The investment adviser must be appropriately qualified.

Our trustee advice service

Our trustee advice service is designed to help trustees meet their investment obligations under the Trustee Act 2000.  Throughout the process we liaise closely with your other professional advisers to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation to ensure you receive the most comprehensive advice.

  • Discover – We begin by learning about the trust provisions, settlor’s intentions and beneficiaries.
  • Research –We discuss where you are now and where you want to go, to fully understand your trust objectives.
  • Plan – Together we develop recommendations for the trustees and agree a strategy.
  • Implement – We deliver a clear path forward including risk mitigation and investment diversification.
  • Maintain – We prudently maintain the trust investments and have regular reviews to ensure ongoing compliance.

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